Custom Cabinet Estimator 8.001 Update

February 17, 2023 by
Custom Cabinet Estimator 8.001 Update
True32 Corporation, Bobbo Buckley
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8.001 Update

I have just completed the work on the latest 8.001 update to both the Online and Desktop versions of Custom Cabinet Estimator. I will deal with the Desktop version first since it was just a couple of simple changes to fix a couple of bugs.

Desktop Version

The first is almost irrelevant, as it was simply the Hamburger icon (List View), that did not work on the Jobs tab. In reality, it has not worked in any version since version 7.000 was released, as you were already at List View when you clicked it, but for some reason, it did not do anything as you might expect since you were already there, it cleared all Jobs, so we just removed the hamburger icon, and the problem was solved. I also removed the List View icon from the Rooms page as well.

The second was that when adding Toe Kick material in the Toe Kick / Filler tab, once you added your Toe Kick, it jumped to the Cabinet tab, which was annoying (sorry for missing that guys, I do test everything, but every now and then, something does slip by).

I plan to make a new installer this coming weekend and get that out to everyone the following week.

Online Version 

The things that changed in the Online version were not bugs but features that were added. All three are pretty cool, but I am especially looking forward to having the cabinet quantity and linear footage on the last page of the Estimate and Proposal (if you are using Custom Cabinet Planner, and entering that data into Custom Cabinet Planner, you will appreciate this as well). It eliminates the scrolling from page to page to get this information to enter into Custom Cabinet Planner.

New Proposal with cabinet quantity and linear footage

Another pretty big deal in my mind is we have adopted the Active/Archived mindset we have been using in Custom Cabinet Planner for the Jobs and Rooms in Custom Cabinet Estimator. Having the Estimate, Proposal, Production, Complete, and Declined status never really served a purpose for filtering the list down to Jobs that are active versus jobs that have been completed or were declined. So, the way this works now is all Jobs where the status is set to Estimate, Proposal, or Production are considered Active and show when you go to the Jobs tab, and all Jobs that have the status set to Completed or Declined are considered Archived, and only show on the Jobs tab if you change the Active/Archived status to Archived. The Rooms are now reading that Job status, and work the same way (if you set the job status to Complete for a Job, then the Rooms will be Archived as well).

Last but not least we added a Load Report (see images below). We have always had a Purchase Report (some might not have known that report was there), and I always printed two copies and used one to order materials, and sent the other to the Hardware Department to be used as a Load List (everything we charged the client for is on the list, so it's an ideal way to make sure everything gets on the truck or trailer). Well now we have a new report called a Load List, and it is identical to the Purchase list in that it has the checkboxes that can be checked as things are loaded, but we did remove the prices from this list since some might not want their team members seeing that much detail.

Original Purchase List

New Load List

Online users should see these changes in the next week (when your version number goes from 8.000 to 8.001).

I hope you find these updates useful, and please know I am working through my Features list with David to see what's next (feel free to make suggestions by using the link at the bottom of the page of the Custom Cabinet Estimator website).

Custom Cabinet Estimator 8.001 Update
True32 Corporation, Bobbo Buckley February 17, 2023
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