Estimating Software for Custom Cabinetmakers

Accurate Estimates • Manage Customer Expectations • Sell More Projects

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Estimating Software Designed and Developed by Cabinetmakers for Cabinetmakers

Do you feel like there is never enough money to...

Hire good qualified people?

Pay your bills on time?

Maintain your facilities, machinery, vehicles, etc.?

What if the root cause of these issues, and a myriad of others were the direct result of not charging the appropriate price for your cabinetry. If that were the case, would you know it?

Do you ever feel like you are making cabinetry for others at YOUR families expense?


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Do your Estimates and Proposals Manage your Customers EXPECTATIONS?

Itemized Door and Drawer Front Selections

Itemized Cabinet List

Material Selections (wood specie, laminate, etc.)

Itemized list of Accessories, Trim and Moldings

Detailed Payment Schedule (when you expect payments)

Terms and Conditions

The one thing that just might be harder than managing employees, which is pretty tough, is managing customer expectations. A detailed Estimate and Proposal done well will do just that. Many customers seem to think that if you discussed an item, even just in passing (that's a nice trash pull out), that you have included that in their Estimate. A line by line list of EVERYTHING that makes up their job with it's cost sucks the wind right out of those sails.